Article: Does a ‘fishy’ lifestyle keep brains healthy?

Does a ‘fishy’ lifestyle keep brains healthy?

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Pickled Red Onions & Quattro Stagioni Jars

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So, I’ve never bothered doing any giveaways with free stuff or contests or any of that.  I like keeping this page more like a journal that I can use to remember good recipes and gardening ideas, and I don’t feel like spending a bunch of time trying to turn it into something more than that.  BUT…. when a fancy jar company offers to send me some of their jars, that’s a whole different situation.  I will never say no to more jars, whether they’re dusty ones from grandma’s basement or these gorgeous Quattro Staggioni jars that I used this morning.bormioli rocco jarsBormioli Rocco sent me a box of their Quattro Stagioni jars and some canning goodies (opening it was like Christmas in the middle of summer!) and they’re hosting a giveaway on their Facebook page where five winners will receive the same box that I got. All you have to do is…

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Replacing fruit juice with whole fruit could cut your risk of type 2 diabetes. Blueberries are best (lowering risk by 26%), then red grapes, apples and pears. This is thought to be due to their high levels of fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help steady blood glucose levels. Juice doesn’t have the same effect, and actually increases the chance of type 2 diabetes – its sugars are absorbed rapidly, causing surges in blood sugar and insulin.


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